October 20, 2017
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Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind

A new and revised edition of the popular Buddhist book wrote by Master Jae Woong Kim is now available on Amazon, also as a kindle version.


New Book: Hongik Ingan

KSCPP has just released a new publication: Hongik Ingan - Lives of Queen Seondeok, Shin Saimdang and Yi Yulgok.

Also available as eBook


KSCPP is offering free audio-books and ebooks.

 KSCPP just released the audio and electronic version of Chung Hyo Ye.


New KSCPP Video

 New videos have been added to the video collection: 



DVD Screenings at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Every Saturday, there will be 
screenings of Korean cultural
documentaries shown in the
London Korean Cultural
Centre's Multi-Purpose Hall,
covering some of Korea's
greatest cultural achievements.

Official screenings will be held
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00,
but there will also be ad-hoc
screenings so please visit
if you can

Korean Cultural Centre
(London - UK)

Ground Floor
Grand Buildings
1-3 Strand
London WC2N 5BW

Contact us at:




New "Taste of Korea" booklet

KSCPP has released the new booklet titled "Taste of Korea - Korean Cuisine Full of Wisdom and Nature". This is not the usual cooking book. Recipes are introduced with accounts on how the food was invented and the wisdom behind. We are sure you will enjoy the reading and the taste of Korean food.



Visit our site www.koreanhero.net where you can freely read and download the KSCPP publications.


Our Pubblications

In order to promote Korean history and culture, KSCPP Series books are being distributed to readers at no cost.  After reading our books, please pass them on to others or donate them to your local library or school.  Our books are not for sale or profit.



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KSCPP HomeWinner Essays  
 Previous Winners

2012 - KSCPP Essay Contest Winners

Jr . High School

1st Place: Rachel Kinnison (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
2nd Place: Cassandra Savel (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
3rd Place: Matthew Schildt (King Sejong the Great)

Honorable Mentions:

Elias Baer (King Sejong the Great)
Kira Traynor (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
Julian Pecht (Admiral Yi Sun-sin)
Nicole Joh (Admiral Yi Sun-sin)
Paula Morgan (King Sejong the Great)
Anh Vu (King Sejong the Great)
Jordan Pentzer (King Sejong the Great)
Maranda Raskin (King Sejong the Great)

High School

1st Place: Austen Yueh (The Practice of Hongik Ingan)
2nd Place: E Young Ruby Lee (Master Wonhyo)
3rd Place: Stephanie Velez (Chung, Hyo, Ye)

Honorable Mentions:

Christian Alvarado (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
Ericka Maullion (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
Heather Teem-Edwards (Fifty Wonders of Korea)

College Students & General Public (18 & older)

1st Place: Jung Bae (The Practice of Hongik Ingan)
2nd Place: Kim Commissaris (Chung, Hyo, Ye)
3rd Place: Sei Yeon (Sandra) Chung (Master Wonhyo)

Special Awards for Schools:

Leonia Middle School (NJ)
Marist High School (NJ)
Dooleen Middle School (AZ)
Highland Jr./Sr. High School (ID)
King George Middle School (VA)

2009 - King Sejong Essay Contest Winners
1st Place: Diana E. Betancur (Marist High School)
2nd Place: Alexx Engles (University Laboratory High School)
3rd Place: Gyong Min Kang (Ramapo Senior High School)
Honorable Mention: Kimberly Fonseca (Marist High School)
2008 - Fifty Wonders Of Korea Contest Winners
Grand Prize: Johanna Genehr  
1st Place: Jessica Jimenez (Adult & College Students)
2nd Place: Ellen Mazzarella, Laura Lourenco (Adult & College Students)
3rd Place: Elizabeth Rodriguez, Tyrus Underwood, Aaron Pattap (Adult & College Students)
Honorable Mentions: Desiree D. Amdaeo, Sean Dix (Adult & College Students)
1st Place: Diana Betancur (Marist High School)
2nd Place: Emma Marchio (Shawnee High School)
                         Alex Zorychta (James W. Robinson Secondary)
3rd Place: Anne Kocher (Brookfield Academy),
                        Young Hoon Chung (Clear Lake H.S.),
                        Yong Jung Cho (Ridgefield Memorial H.S.)
2007 - Chung Hyo Ye Essay Contest Winners
Grand Prize Winner: Jacqueline Brown-Williams
Adult 1st Place: Ashley Eary
Adult 2nd Place: Rachel Fannin
Adult 3rd Place: Jade Lindsey Hankes

High School 1st Place: Tyler Lubore
High School 2nd Place: Asma Shahid
                                    Kate Falkenstien
High School 3rd prize: Emily Hartman
                                           Natalie Chilcutt
                                           Lauren Peterson
2007 - King Sejong Essay Contest Winners                  
Grand Prize Winner: Neenah Payne
Adult 1st Place: Esther Jhun
Adult 2nd Place: Fonda Fan
                                  John Wriggle
High School 1st Place: Nicole Liebgold
High School 2nd Place: Garrett O’Riordan
                                            Eileen Chong
2006 - Yi Sun-sin Essay Contest Winers
Adult 1st Place: Jerome Pionk
Adult 2nd Place: Peggy Choy
Adult 3rd Place: Warren Wong
High School 1st Place: Edwin Heisse
High School 2nd Place: Mai Cha Vang
High School 3rd Place: Gina Kim