June 22, 2018
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It is difficult to find another dish like bibimbap where a variety of ingredients is mixed into one bowl.  The beauty of Bibimbap is in the perfect harmony between various tastes and nutrition that results from mixing various ingredients into one bowl.  Mixing ingredients together is the secret to eating a nutritious meal.  When various ingredients are mixed into one bowl, it is easier to eat one or two types of food that you do not like that are mixed into the bowl.  Also, the mixing of various ingredients creates a harmony of taste between different ingredients.  Professor Mi-suk Lee at Seoul Women’s University has said that, “The best thing about Bibimbap is that it has all the five major food groups.”  By eating one bowl of Bibimbap, you can take in carbohydrate (rice), protein (beef and egg), vitamins and minerals (various vegetables), and of course fat (sesame oil).  In addition, most of the fat in Bibimbap is vegetable fat. 


James Phillips of the World Health Organization, as he was eating Bibimbap, once said to a Korean reporter that in order to prevent obesity, Koreans should protect their traditional diet and not be influenced by fast food.